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Tongue Cleaner (1 piece)

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Clean your tongue to promote vibrant health!

The tongue is a key part of our digestive system and is connected to our overall health. It often gives us clues about what’s going on in our bodies. After resting at night, it’s common to wake up with a coating on the tongue, along with bad breath. This buildup is a result of the body digesting and detoxifying while we sleep, and it is the accumulation of bacteria, debris, and toxins from this nightly process that ends up on our tongues. Ayurveda recommends removing this buildup first thing in the morning to promote good hygiene, health, and fresh breath.

Durable stainless steel tongue cleaner.
Made in India.

Use twice daily, especially upon waking and before brushing teeth. Hold one end of tongue cleaner in each hand, then place rounded edge comfortably at the back of the tongue. Gently draw forward and down to tip of tongue. Buildup will collect inside the rounded edge. Rinse tongue cleaner thoroughly with warm water after each scraping, and repeat several times or until buildup is diminished. Wash with mild soap and hot water once a month or as desired.

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Container: Packaged in plastic bag.