Herbal Coconut Oil for Skin

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The use of pure coconut oil is a time-honored tradition among tropical cultures – and not just for its delicious flavor! Filled with vitamin E and fatty acids, coconut oil provides deep nourishment for the skin, keeping it youthful and glowing. Uncle Harry's wonderfully fragrant Herbal Coconut Oil for Skin moisturizes and softens, with added plant essences that are rejuvenating, clarifying, and antiseptic. Applying this delightful oil to face or body prior to washing helps emulsify dirt and other impurities for easy removal.

Organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic hemp oil, essential oils of lavender, lemon, ylang ylang, tea tree and rosemary, organic comfrey root, organic nettle leave, organic neem leaf.

Gluten free and vegan.