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Winter Warning: If your area is experiencing freezing temperatures, you may receive plastic bottles to prevent breakage for our 4-fl oz spray products .

The USPS is experiencing major delays, especially due to recent weather. If your tracking number does not update, or you see an incorrect delivery date, this is due to major delays and system overload at the USPS. We have seen orders take up to 14 business days to reach their destination. Thank you for your patience.

Website FAQs

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Website FAQs

  • I am unable to log into my account.

    If you are unable to log into your account can be the result of 2 things: 1. You do not have a registered account with our new site or 2. You've forgotten your password. The easiest solution is to try setting up a new account, you can do so here: Create New Account. If this says an account has already been set-up, then you can request a password reset here: Reset Password. If you continue to have any further account issues, please reach out to us through our Contact Form.

    Due to our website change in Fall 2017, some customer accounts did not transfer properly. At this time we are unable to sync order history of these accounts, but can provide PDFs by e-mail at your request. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience.

  • I am not receiving my password reset email.

    If you are not receiving a password reset e-mail, this is commonly due to not having a registered account with our new website. Some accounts just did not transfer properly to our new website, so we do ask that you set up a new account here: Create New Account. At this time we are unable to sync order history of these accounts, but can provide PDFs by e-mail at your request.

  • The cart/page is taking too long to load.

    We are continuously trying to improve the shopping experience on our website and this can sometimes cause weird lags. We recommend force refreshing the page (CTRL + F5) or clearing out your cache.

  • I can't get the discount code to work.

    If you were provided any special discount code and it is not working, please try logging into a registered account with the website. If you don't have an account, you can create one here: Create New Account.

  • How do I place an order online?

    To place an order online, we do recommend creating an account with our website or logging into your account. Next, navigate through the website and add all desired items to your cart. When you've located all your desired goodies, click on the Cart Icon to Proceed To Checkout. This will bring you to our One Step Checkout where you provide your Contact Information, Shipping Address, Billling Address, select Shipping Method, Payment Information and add any additional comments to your order. We do ask you to thoroughly review your order and shipping address prior to clicking on "Place Order." We are unable to make changes to orders after they are confirmed through the website. When you order goes through successfully, your will be provided with an Order Confirmation # and an email will be sent to your email provided.