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Product Information

Product Information

  • I have a health issue. Which product should I use?

    We are not licensed medical professionals and cannot diagnose or treat any disease. For advice on medical issues, please seek guidance from a licensed healthcare practitioner before using our products.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • I've been ordering Uncle Harry's for years. Why does my product look/smell different this time?

    None of our products contain stabilizers, fillers, or preservatives. Color inconsistency and separation is completely normal.

    Please contact us if you believe your product has expired upon purchase. To expedite your inquiry, please provide a photo of the product and the LOT number.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • How do I read a LOT number and determine the expiration date of a particular product?

    All oral care products and carrier oils will include a printed expiration date after the LOT number.

    LOT numbers are printed on each and every product we produce at our factory. This number indicates the date the item was produced and is printed small in yellow ink above the label and below the lid.

    The standard format for our LOT numbers is the following:


    S = letter code that indicates the batch or shift

    YY = the last two digits of the year

    JJJ = the Julian date of manufacture

    *EXP MM/YYYY = expiration date of shelf life

    TTTT = timestamp of manufacture

    *Not all products have a printed expiration date

    Our products have a shelf life intended to last two years from date of manufacture, which can be determined by reading the lot code. We recommend that products be used within 12 months after opening. Most of the time, the products can last much longer if stored properly in a cool, dark place since most of the ingredients we use have a very long shelf life - but factors such as air/heat/light/time can slowly deteriorate the quality of a product.

    For products that include a single ingredient (essential oils, carrier oils, etc), these can last much longer if stored properly. These items include a period after opening symbol on each label.

    If you have a lot code that appears different from this code or are unable to read a code, please contact us and we’d be happy to help confirm the expiration date.

    Photo Samples of Lot Numbers:

    Modified 02.14.2023

  • Are all your products vegan?

    Majority of our products are vegan!

    The only animal by-product we use in a few of our products is beeswax. This can be found in Hemp Blemish Salve and Healing Foot Salve.

    Modified 12.02.2021

  • Are Uncle Harry's Products non-GMO?

    Yes! If you require a raw material’s certificate of analysis, please write us a request through our Contact Form.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Are the plastic bottles BPA free?

    Yes! The plastic bottles we use are made from fully recyclable food grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Are your products gluten-free?

    We do not use ingredients with naturally occurring gluten in any of our products, nor do we process any wheat in our facility. However, our Oatmeal and Coconut Soap Powder does contain oatmeal which is not certified gluten-free.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Are your products free of common allergens?

    Most of our products are free of gluten, soy, wheat, corn, nuts, and other common allergens.

    If you have any specific allergen concerns, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to look into the ingredients further to confirm before you use a product.

    Modified 12.02.2021

  • What grade are Uncle Harry's essential oils?

    All of Uncle Harry's essential oils are 100% pure and of medicinal quality. Our essential oils are suitable for aromatherapy and use in body care products for external use. Due to regulations, we are unable to recommend them for internal use and it is best to seek advice from a certified aromatherapist. Pure essential oils are extremely concentrated and can be dangerous if ingested.

    If you need to know more about a specific essential oil, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Form.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • I'd like to order your products in a larger size.

    We do offer some of our items in larger/bulk sizes. To learn more, please visit our Custom Order page: Custom Order.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • What is the difference between Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, and Tooth Suds?

    All of our daily tooth cleansers promote remineralization of tooth enamel, so deciding which one is best for you is a matter of personal preference.

    Toothpaste – Remineralizing: Bentonite clay naturally contains many trace minerals and also pulls toxins from the mouth. Aids oral care needs with colloidal silver water and a bouquet of essential oils. Alkalizes the mouth with sea salt, bentonite clay, and calcium carbonate.

    Tooth Powder - Enamel polishing: Alkalizes the mouth with sea salt and calcium carbonate. The dry powder helps buff and polish enamel and remove stains. The first Uncle Harry's product and base formula for Toothpaste.

    Tooth Suds - Non-abrasive, foaming: Pure castile soap is a soft, creamy mouth cleanser. Foam is reminiscent of conventional toothpaste without foaming agents. Equipped with ionic minerals for basic remineralization. Please note Tooth Suds are literally made with soap - it can take some time to get adjusted to the taste.

    Only one product is needed per each brushing session. You are welcome to alternate between one brushing product in the morning and one at night as well.

    comparison photo of toothpaste, tooth powder, and tooth suds

    Modified 02.14.2023

  • What is the difference between Tooth Whitener and Whitening Toothpaste Polish?

    These products differ based on how they whiten teeth and the texture. Whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference.

    Tooth Whitener is a powder formula that utilizes lemon peel and lemon essential oil to dissolve stains and clear away build up; similar to our regular Tooth Powder, this can be used daily.

    Whitening Toothpaste Polish is very similar to our regular toothpastes with the addition of pumice to scrub away build up; due to its abrasiveness, we do recommend using it up to three times per week.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Can I use your oral care products while I'm pregnant/breastfeeding?

    Our oral care line is made up of 100% natural food-grade ingredients; however there is not a lot of definitive information regarding the use of essentials oils during pregnancy. Although we have not had any reported issues with our Oral Care products, we are aware that some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and we encourage you to consult your health care professional for more information.

    We do offer some alternative products that do not contain essential oils such as:
    Unscented Tooth Powder
    Unscented Remineralization Powder
    Unscented Tooth Suds

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Can my child use your oral care products?

    Our oral care line is made up of 100% natural food-grade ingredients; however younger mouths can be more sensitive to essential oils within the products.

    Mild Mint Toothpaste and Mild Mint Tooth Powder are milder in flavor having less essential oils than the regular formula.

    Options without essential oils are the Unscented Tooth Powder, Unscented Tooth Suds, and Unscented Remineralization Powder.

    We do recommend children to be able to spit out the product after brushing, be able to vocalize if the flavor is too strong, and encourage you double check with your pediatrician about the products before sharing with your child.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Are your oral care products safe to ingest?

    The ingredients in our oral care products are 100% pure, natural, and food grade. It is absolutely fine if a small amount is swallowed at a time.

    We greatly encourage spitting out the remnants after brushing/swishing to rid your mouth of any bacteria collected during the process, which could upset your stomach.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Can I use these products on my pet?

    Although we use all-natural ingredients that are excellent for humans, some of these are not the best when it comes to the biology of our furry friends.

    We are aware that there are some essential oils which should be avoided depending on your species of furry companion and definitely encourage our customers to speak with their veterinarian prior to using our products on them.

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Why is there a Prop 65 warning on my product?

    We are required by law to apply Proposition 65 labels to products containing bentonite clay and other select ingredients to sell in California and as requested by some of our wholesale accounts.

    Products containing Bentonite Clay are:
    All flavors of Toothpaste
    Whitening Toothpaste Polish, this product is also included in our Remineralization Kit with Tooth Whitening
    Sandalwood Face Mask
    Detox Bath
    Poison Ivy & Oak Relief

    If you have any further concerns or questions, please reach out to us and we'd happy to discuss it further.

    Modified 02.14.2023

  • I can't order the product I want because it says "Out of Stock" or the cart button is grayed out.

    We create our items in small batches, due to this items may go out of stock for many different reasons which may include sourcing ingredients, sourcing packaging/containers, and label shortages.

    If you are ever interested in an out of stock item, we'd be happy to add you to a waitlist for that product.

    Just reach out to us through our Contact Form. Please provide your contact information and which product you're waiting for, and we will reach out as soon as the item goes back in stock!

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Why does the fill level of my product look off?

    In the past, we filled our bottles usually to the neck or top, which is over-filled. Although this gave extra product to the customer, it is inconsistent and inaccurate.

    We're happy that we can guarantee our customers they'll receive the right fill, every time with new machinery and extensive employee training - we have achieved 100% accuracy with liquid fill amount in each product.

    Due to supplier/bottle changes, the appearance of the fill level may visually fluctuate in comparison to the bottle.

    If you are ever concerned about the fill levels of the product you received, please reach out to us via email and provide your order number, lot number of the product, and photo of the product.

    Modified 12.02.2021

  • Why isn't your Toothpaste, Miracle Mouthwash, or Tooth Powder organic?

    For most of our oral care products, we are unable to certify them as organic. USDA guidelines say a significant percentage of a product must consist of agricultural ingredients to be considered fully organic. Most of our oral care products (toothpaste, tooth powder, mouthwash, etc.) consist of over 90% mineral ingredients. The minerals bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, and pure sea salt are not considered agricultural ingredients, and therefore cannot be certified organic.

    If you have any specific questions regarding the organic status of a product or ingredient, please reach out through our Contact Form.

    Modified 02.14.2023

  • I'm looking for a product you used to carry?

    Our website shows our current catalog of products we produce and offer. If you cannot find the product on the website, we have likely discontinued production of the product and have no remaining inventory.

    We fully discontinued our Nutrition Products by 2018 due to FDA regulations, which included Tart Cherry Juice, all Capsules, Cold & Immune Powder, and Honey products.

    Modified 12.02.2021

  • Why did I receive my product in a plastic bottle instead of a glass bottle?

    During the colder months, the original glass container of some of our products may break during shipment. Our Shipping Team will substitute plastic bottles if your shipping location is experiencing freezing temperatures.

    Products that will commonly be switched are:
    Body Deodorants
    Aromatherapy Mists
    Miracle Mouthwash Spray
    Foot Spray
    Go Away Mosquito Spray
    Hair Conditioner Spray

    Modified 12.01.2021

  • Are your oral care products safe to use with my crowns/caps/fillings/etc?

    In our experience, implants, crowns, braces, fillings, caps, veneers, bridges, and dentures have not been a problem with our oral care products. That being said, we are not medically licensed and we do recommend seeking the guidance of a medical professional for health related questions.

    Modified 08.04.2022