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This week we'd like to introduce you to Greta, a registered herbalist and founder of MASHH Clinic, and her featured product: Four Bandits Anti-Germ.

How did you hear about Uncle Harry's?
I came across Uncle Harry's when I was living in Portland, Oregon in 2000 or 2001. I loved to shop at Mirador in the SE and they were carrying your products.

How long have you used Uncle Harry's and which are your favorite products?
I've been using Uncle Harry's products since I came across them in 2000, and my favorite product is the Four Bandits Anti-Germ oil.

Why is the Four Bandits Anti-Germ your favorite?
I run remote off-grid medical clinics for activists and this product is very handy for infection control when we don't have easy access for hand washing with hot water and soap.

What's your preferred way to use Four Bandits Anti-Germ?
I use it in my field clinics; if I feel I need extra protection against the Plague I'll put a few drops on my lapel, or bandana around my neck, or on someone's socks if I'm treating a bad lower leg wound. Great stuff, straight out of the bottle.

How does your background in herbalism help guide you in using aromatherapy?
I understand the strength of the product, how extremely highly concentrated it is, and that it is plant blood I am working with and to use utmost respect when dosing.

What would you say to a person using Uncle Harry's Natural Products for the first time?
An excellent line of heritage homemade products, comprised of simple and pure ingredients, useful for first aid and for home health.

Where can our readers learn more about yourself and MASHH Clinic Collective?
To learn more about me, my website is still under development but can be found here: Gentle Strength Botanicals
To learn more about MASSH Clinic Collective and support our mission, they can go here: MASHH Clinic Collective

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