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This week we'd like to introduce you to Lakita, small local business owner of Longevity Foods, and her featured product: Aromatherapy Shampoo.

Tell us about your business.
Our business began in New York City, Harlem, where we operated a Raw Food Restaurant for eight years. We have an appreciation that has developed into a passion for good quality food and products. We especially love sharing information within the community.

How did you hear about Uncle Harry's and which are your favorite products?
We were introduced to Uncle Harry's when we tried the Tooth Powder. We found it far superior to any product we had ever tried. Our teeth were clean and white, and our breath was fresh. Then we tried the Miracle Mouthwash and were blown away by how fresh and tingly our mouths felt, and it lasted for hours. It made you not want to eat.

From then on we were hooked! We contacted Uncle Harry's and began our relationship as a wholesale customer in 2005. We started carrying the Tooth Powder and Miracle Mouthwash as well as Tooth and Gum Elixir and other oral hygiene products. Our customers loved the products and they flew off the shelves.

I went to the website and read about other products. The website was so easy to navigate and offered complete information about each product, and there was a library at the time that offered nutritional information. Whenever I called to place an order, the service was friendly and efficient.

We just had to know more, so as fate would have it, we were invited to teach a raw food preparation class in Redmond, WA, right up the road from the Uncle Harry's location. That was incentive to visit WA. When we visited Uncle Harry took us on a tour of the place and shared many items. Some of these were not even on the product list at that time like essential oils. We spent hours there having our senses delighted.

Now that we have relocated to Duvall, WA, we carry a full line of Uncle Harry’s products. A popular item is the Spirulina/Chlorella. How clever to combine the nutritional benefits of Spirulina with the cleansing power of Chlorella. We have several dental offices in the surrounding area, and they highly recommend the tooth powder and mouthwash. Right now my personal favorite is the Tea Tree Aromatherapy Shampoo with hemp oil. It leaves my hair squeaky clean, moisturized, and nourished.

Ambika always welcomes us with a smile when we visit the store and we feel part of the family. Thank you Uncle Harry's for all the thought and love you put into your products. And best of all, you are local!

Where can our readers learn more about your business?
They can come by for a visit, at Longevity Foods we stock a full line of Uncle Harry's products.

Address: 14701 Main Street NE Suite A1A, Duvall, WA 98019
Phone: 425-788-2332
Website: www.longevityfoodz.com

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