Update: Since this post published in June 2017, we have discontinued Bentonite Clay as a separately sold item. However, bentonite clay can be found in many of our products. Check them out here: ingredient - bentonite clay.

It was just over 20 years ago that Uncle Harry's was run out of our family home being sold door-to-door and now we're operating out of a factory and distribution center based in Redmond! These past 2 months we focused on our amazing and wonderful team that hand-make our products every day, however we also want to recognize all of you wonderful Uncle Harry's Fans. Due to your support we have been able to grow as a company and we are so thrilled that you have grown with us. So following our Staff Favorites series, we'd love to segue into recognizing our great fans in our new series: Fan Features! In this series, we'd really like to highlight great individuals and businesses that embraced Uncle Harry's products into their own lives. We hope you check back every week and continue to meet some of our awesome fans! If checking back seems a little tedious, subscribe to our newsletter or follow/like us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Lianna, a fan of Uncle Harry's and medically trained aesthetician, and her featured product: Bentonite Clay.

What do you do for a living?
I am a holistic and medical trained aesthetician. I own my own business offering mobile spa skincare services.

What is the relationship between your profession and a holistic lifestyle?
My profession and lifestyle collide with my passion for healthy living and esthetics. In my spare time I love researching and staying current with fitness trends, healing benefits of foods, aesthetic products, and services. All things Beauty.

When did you go completely natural?
My mom introduced me to healthy eating and some more natural remedies growing up. I had a chiropractic mentor that influenced me and have been on course ever since.

How long have you used Uncle Harry's Natural Products and which are your favorites?
I introduced Uncle Harry's Natural Products into my health and beauty regimen 5 years ago. I was researching Bentonite Clay for removing uranium and came across Uncle Harry's Natural Products. I integrated the clay into a militant uranium detox already in progress. I soaked in the clay and it assisted in removing uranium from my system. I love so many Uncle Harry's products!

Some of my favorites: Bentonite Clay for alkalizing and removing toxins such as heavy metals and radiation. Colloidal Silver Water for the purifying properties; really great during cold and flu season. Oral Swish for oil pulling which is healing and detoxing; good for teeth and gums. Remineralization Liquid for replenishing minerals into teeth. Miracle Mouthwash is awesome for fresh breath and cleansing the mouth. I use the Flower Nectar Monoi Tiare and Herbal Coconut Oil for Face and Body for the hydrating properties. I use it following my skincare treatment on my clients. Coconut face and body is used daily. Love both of these oils.

Could you give more insight about your Uranium detox?
The bentonite clay was integrated into a 4 year detox that was extremely intense. I was working with a holistic healthcare practitioner and read about soldiers being exposed to Uranium when at war or near Nuclear sites. The soldiers would soak in bentonite clay to remove any radiation from their body. I began using the clay after guidance and muscle testing from my doctor to insure it was to be a benefit and as to what the correct dosages to bathe and do foot soaks.

Do you have any recommendations for anyone seeking to incorporate healthier choices into their daily regimens?
Seek Health, Beauty, and wellness. Read labels. Choose local, wild, and organic products. Beauty starts from within.

Where can our readers learn more about yourself and/or your business?
They can visit my website: Shishi Lashes, and I'm currently focusing just on Skin care.

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