Welcome back to our next installment of Fan Features, where we'd like to highlight great individuals and businesses that embraced Uncle Harry's product into their own lives. We hope you check back every week and continue to meet some of our awesome fans! Follow/like us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.

This week we'd like to introduce you to LeAnn, an independent herbalist and small business owner, and her featured product: Cedar/Sage Hair Gel.

How did you hear about Uncle Harry's?
My friends know I like all natural beauty and health products and a friend told me of Uncle Harry's and recommended I try it because it was affordable and an ethical company. I didn't at first. But I was at her house one day and asked her if she had any lotion I could use and she said "no but I do have some great oil from that company I told you about, try some!" I did and then decided to order some.

How long have you used Uncle Harry's and which are your favorite products?
I have been ordering Uncle Harry's for a couple of years now. At first I only ordered the Coconut Oil but now I regularly order the Cedar Hair Gel/Conditioner, Coconut Oil for Skin, Face Wash, Ayurvedic Face Cream, and African Black Soap.

Why are these your favorite?
I'm obsessed with the Cedar/Sage Hair Gel. I live in a humid place but I like to style my hair with volume. This hair gel doesn't leave my hair greasy or mopey and in fact helps it stay dry and voluminous, the texture of my hair after I use it is a post beach feel.

I also love the Face Wash. It's so simple and everything a face wash should be. Most people don't realize less is better with acne issues. The face wash is restorative and calming. The face cream and body oil both leave my skin hydrated but not greasy. And the face cream goes a long way! A little jar lasts forever!

Where can our readers learn more about yourself and your business?
My business is in transition right now, but I am a massage therapists and offer a line of herbal products.

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