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This week we'd like to introduce you to Kim, a local massage therapist, and her featured product: Pain Free.

Tell us about yourself and your business.
My name is Kim Strotkamp. I'm a self employed massage therapist in La Conner Washington. I've been doing massage for over 7 years and specialize in deep tissue massage.

How did you hear about Uncle Harry's?
I started using Uncles Harry's product when I came across them at the local food co-op in Mount Vernon. I really liked them because they were all natural and reasonable priced. They are great quality and my clients appreciate that I can easily tell them what's in them and where they are made. I pride myself on being simple and honest and I feel Uncle Harry's echoes my style.

How long have you used Uncle Harry's and what is your favorite product?
My favorite product has to be the Pain Free. I use it lots of ways and I love it as do my clients. I sometimes put it in a carrier oil and use it as a massage oil. I put it into my aromatherapy diffuser for a nice all over scent. Sometimes I put it on hot towels in my hot towel cabinet so when I pull them out you get a really nice effect. And I also put it directly on a area after I've worked on it.

Why is Pain Free your favorite product?
I love it because it is a great natural pain relief without a harsh chemical smell. It's a nice scent but also relieves pain. My clients love a having a little pain relief after I've done deep tissue on them, but it's not a harsh scent.

Where can our readers learn more about your business?
People can see more about my business on Facebook @channelmassage or call me at (360) 630-7515.

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