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Aromatherapy Tool Kit (6 bottles)

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Uncle Harry's Aromatherapy Tool Kit is the ultimate essential oil starter pack. The Tool Kit includes six of our most versatile essential oils that everyone should have in their home. Don't let burns, fatigue, upset stomachs or toothaches get the best of you! These oils can help you and your family stay healthy, and are perfect for use around the house to clean, detoxify, and freshen. This affordable essential oil starter pack also comes with detailed reference cards for each oil, covering background history, properties, recipes, and key uses. It comes packaged in a clever zipper pouch made from 95% recycled content, making this gift pack both convenient and Earth-conscious!

Since all of Uncle Harry's essential oils are 100% pure and medicinal quality, the Aromatherapy Tool Kit is a wonderful gift idea for both the aromatherapy enthusiast and essential oil novice.

Clove Bud: 100% pure steam distilled Eugenia caryophyllata essential oil.

Eucalyptus: 100% pure steam distilled Eucalyptus globulus essential oil.

Lavandin (Sweet Lavender): 100% pure steam distilled Lavandula grosso x hybrida essential oil.

Lemon: 100% pure cold pressed Citrus Limonum essential oil.

Peppermint: 100% pure steam distilled Mentha piperita essential oil.

Tea Tree: 100% pure steam distilled Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil.