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African Hair Care Lavender Shampoo (8 fl oz)

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Wonderfully mild and moisturizing, African Black Soap is made in the villages of Ghana. The villagers collect bark from a local tree called Agow and plantain leaves which they slowly burn to make ash. They gently heat and hand press virgin palm kernel oil from the fruit of their native palm trees. All the natural ingredients are then mixed together in a kettle that is heated. The result is traditional African Black Soap. This shampoo combines gentle black soap with clarifying vinegar and pure essential oils to help stimulate your scalp and revitalize your hair. No chemical foaming agents, propyl alcohol, glycols, or preservatives in this shampoo.

African black soap (plantain leaves, agow bark, palm kernel oil), coconut oil castile soap (potassium cocoate, naturally occurring glycerin), reverse osmosis water, apple cider vinegar, virgin raw shea butter, organic hemp oil, and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, lemon, and tea tree.

Gluten free and vegan.