Instant Clay Mask Bar


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The Clay Mask Bar can be used to apply clay on the face for a mask or a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser. It contains no soap or any additives and has a neutral pH. Clay Bar can also serve as a non-alkaline body soap that gently cleans the skin.


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Yellow clay from India, essential oil. Gluten free and vegan.

Wet the skin and the bar and apply. Instant Clay Mask Bar can be applied to any part of the body and face. Instant Clay Mask Bar can also serve as a non-alkaline body soap that gently cleans the skin.

I have not one bad thing to say about this product, EXCEPT that I'm heartbroken that it's out of stock right now!! It clears my skin up and makes it silky smooth. I use it as my every day face cleanser and as a mask a couple times a week! I would recommend for all skin types! You see results almost instantly!
BEST cleansing mask I've ever used!!! Initially I bought this just to get free shipping for my order from Urban Outfitter. Turned out this is so awesome!!! It is quick to dry and easy to wash off. I can use it daily or just a few times a week.I also found the smell to be soothing.
I have been using this product as my only facial cleanser for over four years and I absolutely swear by it. It's gentle enough to use every day (use during the shower and wash off) and it has a little exfoliant if you want to scrub your skin really well. After camping or if I want to get a really great clean I leave it on during a bath until it dries, then gently wash off...if I want to use it on acne I spot treat and leave it on overnight. I take the whole bar and leave it in a small bowl in the shower, the first time I use it I add water to the bowl and the whole bar will stay soft. Each 5oz bar lasts me about a month (of everyday use). Only the 3oz size is available now, unfortunately, maybe the 5oz size will be re-stocked? :D Thanks Uncle Harry for this wonderful product!
First time trying it tonight and I LOVE IT. As soon as I washed it off, my pores felt tighter and my face just felt super clean. The only thing I don't really like the smell but it's not that bad.
First time using it tonight. My skin looks amazing. It's brighter, cleaner, tighter. My pores look SO clean, and much smaller. It feels so light and gentle, but the effects are very strong. I love this stuff. Wash off before it dries completely.
i have used for 2 days now and i love it. the only way i know how to describe it is that it feels like it is detoxifying my facial skin. my skin looks radiant and feels \"lighter\". it gently exfoliates but does so thoroughly as my skin is completely polished. i follow by using a little liquid soap.

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