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Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste refreshes the mouth with powerful mineral clay, sea salt, and pure plant essences. It encourages remineralization of tooth enamel by neutralizing acids and bacteria, supplying calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strengthening teeth, and maintaining a naturally alkaline pH.

Completely free of fluoride, carrageenan, triclosan, artificial sweeteners, and SLS!


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Bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, colloidal silver water, sea salt, ionic minerals, mustard seed, essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, wintergreen, and oregano. Gluten free, glycerin free, fluoride free, and vegan.

Scoop from jar with toothbrush or small utensil, brush one to two minutes, then rinse. For best results use twice daily. Yes, it’s okay to dip your brush directly into the jar! The essential oils in this toothpaste are incredibly antiseptic.

After trying the mouthwash I was very interested in the other products. This is now my favorite toothpaste. My mouth feels so clean. I'm hoping my 9 year old likes the children's toothpaste too. This will not be my last order.
This is my first natural toothpaste. It's an amazing product! it has a strong taste but my teeth are so clean & bleeding & sensitivity stop! I'd never go back to any other toothpaste! The best toothpaste ever, not only cleansing, but healing.Thank you so much Uncle Harry!
Thank you ,absolutely love your products please never stop..
I was recommended this toothpaste and am impressed by all the 5 star reviews. But one reviewer said that the jar says it may have lead. If the jar contains lead can't that leach into my toothpaste. I'm trying to live as healthy as I can and don't want to use something that can leach into my paste. Can you let me know if this is true? Jeanne
This peppermint tooth paste has a strong taste...but my teeth are so clean turning white which is just amazing. 😊
The best toothpaste ever.. not only cleansing, but healing. I love all the flavors but spearmint is my favorite! I am going on the face cream next, if that does to my skin what paste does for my teeth I will be getting younger! not older! thanks! uncle Harry
Was having issues with my gums bleeding A LOT! Since using the clay the bleeding has completely stopped. My teeth also feel cleaner longer. LOVE!
LOVE THIS STUFF. It makes my mouth feel soon refreshed and clean, and I love that it's all natural so i don't have to worry about putting anything toxic in my mouth. This was my first time using natural toothpaste so it took me a little bit to get used to the "natural" peppermint taste. We as humans are so used to being pampered with artificial flavors/tastes with mundane products such as toothpaste so it's a little scary when you start using natural products from the earth and realize you have some adjusting to do. highly, HIGHLY recommend!
Would love to try this stuff but is it cruelty free?
This is an amazing product! I've only used it for a week now but already my teeth feel much cleaner than they did when I used regular paste toothpaste. Not only is their product great but the costumer service is wonderful as well; one of my lids was broken in transit (though thankfully the seal was not damaged) and Uncle Harry's sent me a replacement lid free of charge! Overall this has been a great experience, thank you Uncle Harry!
did this help reverse anyones cavities??
i been using this 3 years last tooth paste that i got way different.did not like it at all.
Just came from the dentist and after using Uncle Harrys Tooth Paste for the last six months, 9 of my teeth had improved numbers at the gum line and not one was worse. No more bleeding gums when I brush and zero sensitivity to hot or cold. Said my teeth looked great! My teenage boys are even sold on it! Accidently grabbed some Jason tooth paste a while back and cant believe how sickeningly sweet it tasted! Our family is sold on this and appreciate the lack of toxic chemicals in our mouth care!! Thank you very much!
I really wanted to like this but the label placed so cleverly on the bottom of the jar says it may contain lead.... Not cool or the reason why most people are on this site
I recently switched to this from Uncle Harry's tooth soap and I love it just as much as the tooth soap! The peppermint taste is quite strong and it does taste a bit salty, but it's tolerable. It's easy to scoop out of the jar and a little goes a long way. I've been using Uncle Harry's mouth care products for about 2 years now and just got praises from my dental office for what great shape my teeth and gums are in! My no cavity streak continues. Thank you Uncle Harry's! I will never us anything else.
Got this stuff from my girlfriend as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I used it once and within 10 seconds spat it out because of the taste and texture. After I spat it out I noticed a super clean feeling and couldn't get over it..I tried going back to our Colgate and I couldn't finish the tasted so artificial and sweet. It took me a couple days to get use to the taste and texture but I am 100% hooked now and would never go back to anything else. I've noticed my teeth whiter and stronger and they feel clean all day every day and I've only been using it for a couple weeks!
Amazing stuff! Saved my teeth!! Thanks Uncle Harry :)
I am never using another toothpaste again!! I've been using it for almost a year now & have gotten many family members to make the switch. It took a little while to get use to the fact that the toothpaste doesn't sud - but now it doesn't phase me at all. It keeps your teeth feeling like you just got back from getting a cleaning from the dentist! Definitely worth the switch over from "regular" toothpaste. Thanks for the great product, Uncle Harrys!
This was the first natural toothpaste I tried. I got excited by how well it worked and proceeded to try other brands as well. Then I came right back to Uncle Harry's because it is the best. My dentist even asked me if I had gotten my teether whitened after using Uncle Harry's for a few months. This stuff is good!
I'm never going to go back to any other kind of toothpaste! This is such a game changer for teeth have never felt so clean and I didn't realize how much my entire wellbeing would be affected by feeling clean teeth! My teeth also look cleaner and whiter and stays fresh for longer...I no longer depend on mints or gum throughout the day!
My first Uncle Harry's product and I love it! My mouth is very sensitive as a side effect of medication I need long-term and the artificial sweeteners and foaming agents in regular toothpastes cause me to have sores and sensitivity. The bentonite in Uncle Harry's gets my teeth and mouth super clean. I love the refreshing peppermint oil as well.
I've had unbearably sensitive teeth for at least 15 years. They were so sensitive that air blowing across them could bring me to my knees. I started using Uncle Harry's toothpaste nearly a year ago, and the Miracle Mouthwash about a month ago. Just the other day, I realized that I was full-mouth swishing with cold mouthwash. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do anything like that again! I've tried so many suggestions from my dentist - most made matters worse. I am never going back to those useless products! I'm a customer of Uncle Harry's Natural Products for life!!
I love the toothpaste and the tooth powder. Once you use this toothpaste you will never go back to anything else. I look forward to trying more products.
I found this at Super Supplements and if I ever run out I feel like my teeth aren't clean enough. This is fantastic toothpaste that is very refreshing and cleansing!!
I was starting to get a slight toothache. I was looking for something that was natural and would also help remineralize my teeth. This toothpaste, along with the mouth wash, and some cod liver oil my tooth no longer hurts. My teeth are also whiter, and my breath stays fresh all day long! No really, even after a cup of coffee it is fresh and pepperminty.
After happily using your tooth powder, my favorite store only had this toothpaste in stock. I was skeptical about putting clay in my mouth but after the first somewhat shocking taste, I have really enjoyed it! And my mouth feels great!!! I've gone through 4 bottles and am still enjoying using it.
Love this toothpaste! It took us a little while to get used to it. The peppermint is very strong but even my 5 year old got used to it after a few days of using it. And the best thing is that you only need a little each time to brush your teeth. It leaves your teeth feeling extra clean with only natural ingredients!
After trying a few different oral care products from Uncle Harry's I have settled on this as my favorite. Nice texture to the paste, sticks on your brush well. Good flavor, not too strong but definitely minty.
This is by far the best natural tooth paste I have found. It leaves your mouth feeling incredibly clean and minty fresh! Highly recommend this product.
I've been using this toothpaste for years now and will never NOT use it as long as it exist! Love the fact there's no harmful ingredients and love the results.
I too was a skeptic, but no more! It has a creamy texture and a mild taste (salty and herbal) under the peppermint oil that's very different than what I was used to--fine by me, a lot of 'normal' toothpaste flavors are strong enough to make my eyes water. A little goes a long way and my teeth feel polished and sparkling clean after use. I've already noticed reduced sensitivity.
This is my favorite toothpaste I've ever used, and I can't imagine ever switching back to commercial toothpastes with all those chemicals. The taste is STRONG, as in, wake up your senses, but I like it. My mouth feels very clean after using.
I am 53 years old. I was thrilled to find a toothpaste that didn't have all the nasty stuff in it, that regular toothpaste has. The peppermint is strong, but leaves my mouth feeling minty fresh. You don't need to put much on your toothbrush to get all of your teeth brushed. So this little jar, should last a good while. Certainly as long if not longer than a regular tube of toothpaste. I just started using it, so I don't know yet, what my dentist check-ups will be like. I am hoping I will have improved check ups!
Very clean feeling after using. I haven't quite adapted to the taste. It's sour. It also has a salty taste. I don't like sour things but the fresh mint taste and feeling of my teeth will keep me buying this paste.
Great tasting toothpaste. Leaves your mouth with this very fresh, clean, and minty feeling. Thanks for making a great product!
Our family loves all of our Uncle Harry\'s products. Fastest delivery I have ever had on any online order. EVER. All dental troubles gone. Six stars if I could.
I would sooner brush with nothing if I can't brush with Uncle Harry's. Watching people brush with "traditional tube paste" officially makes me nausea watching them "foam out the mouth" with there foaming chemicals. I have not been to a dentist in over 8yrs about as long as I have been using these products!!! Coincidence??? I think not!!!
This is the best toothpaste I have ever used. It makes your mouth feel so clean and fresh. I also love that it comes in a jar as opposed to a tube. Awesome product.
Love it! My second favorite toothcare product (next to Uncle Harry's tooth powder). Delightfully clean mouth, healthy gums, reduced tooth sensitivity... I'm never using sulfate toothpaste again!
My first night using this was amazing. My teeth were whiter than coconut oil and baking soda together normally does for my teeth. i noticed that right away the hyperdecalcification on 2 of my teeth were almost invisible and not because of the whitening affect. Remember that this is just a paste so it is not at all abrasive, so if you need to scrub off those areas were plaque still remains, it is best to add your mildly abrasive tooth powder to oral routine. The reason i bought this was so that i can get away from the abrasive way i brush my teeth in order that i will not in time, wear away my enamel. This is more of a daily maintenance product, but i will still brush my teeth with a tooth powder at least once a day instead of 2 if i forget to use my remineralization liquid. I was sold with the collodial silver and calcium carbonate. My teeth needs this stuff.
I was a little skeptical to try this due to some reviews I had read, but now that I have, I don't want to use anything else to clean my teeth ever. Goodbye chemicals, hello Uncle Harry's!
Amazing product! Been using it for years. We order it in any state we are in and recommend it to all of our friends and family. Not everyone is ready to make the switch with their toothpaste but this product makes it easy and so worth it! Thank you Uncle Harry!

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