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Uncle Harry's Miracle Mouthwash is made of pure, natural ingredients for fast acting freshness and oral hygiene; nothing artificial, only pure plant essences. It encourages remineralization of tooth enamel by neutralizing acids and bacteria, supplying calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strengthening teeth, and maintaining a naturally alkaline pH. Soothes a sore throat, freshens breath and enlivens teeth and gums. Safe and non-toxic.

Completely free of fluoride, carrageenan, triclosan, artificial sweeteners, and SLS.


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Purified, deionized, microfiltered water and ten parts per million of silver mineral (99.000% pure), calcium carbonate, sea salt, mustard seed, magnetic earth, purified ocean water, active ionic minerals, essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, wintergreen, and oregano. Gluten free, glycerin free, fluoride free, and vegan.

Shake vigorously. Squirt appropriate amount in your mouth. Swish for a few minutes, then spit out. If too strong, it can be diluted with water in a cup. It is purposely salty to maintain an alkaline pH of saliva. Once you spit out, you can either rinse or not. Prolonged gargling with the mouthwash is also beneficial for general health. For best results use at least twice daily.

I've only one word...Excellent! Love it! My mouth feels healthy and clean. Thank you Uncle Harry's
Can I get this mouthwash in a glass bottle?
This mouth cleaner is KILLER. The only mouthwash besides Dr. Schulze, that actually gets rid of the nasty saliva smell! This stuff true mouth miracle! 10/10
Excellent mouthwash. Yes, it is strong so you can either follow directions and dilute with some water or use straight. I use straight. I got used to it. Does not interfere with my taste buds, and my mouth feels fresh all day. Will always use it.
I just found this product at The Natural Grocer in Chandler, AZ. I've used many holistic mouth hygiene products over the years. I thought I'd give this one a test run. Yowza, it's strong for me...but I love the ingredients and will continue to dilute it. I even add a few drops to my wet toothbrush and brush my teeth with it. It still zaps my taste buds. Next time I shop, I'll pick up the tooth powder too. I look forward to experiencing the long term positive effects. Thanks.
I absolutely love this mouthwash. I was appalled to learn that I've been using storebrand mouthwash for years, thinking that I was being healthy. But it contains artificial sweeteners and tons of unnatural ingredients! I'm so glad I made the switch to this mouth wash. The negative reviews are because of how strong it is, but I actually like it. It stung a bit the first time, but I got used to it very quickly. I do not dilute it, and my taste buds have been absolutely fine. It makes my mouth feel great. Thank you for the great product!
This is an amazing product. My mouth has never felt this healthy after brushing. The first time I tried it, I only put about two tablespoons in my mouth, and I was surprised by how strong it was. But just with that amount, after swishing for 5min my mouth felt amazing! I'm hooked! I'm so glad I found this product!
Used it last night and I haven't been able to taste ANYTHING since!! The tip of my tongue feels burnt!! Awful!
My Hubs and I swear by this product and feel that we are less prone to virus bugs because of it. Thanks Uncle Harry, your name means quality in our house.
My teeth enamel is wearing thin and I believe this is reversing the damage. Also when I drink water now it taste "softer" , I believe it is because the acidic level in my mouth is healthy now by using this mouthwash .
I've had unbearably sensitive teeth for at least 15 years. They were so sensitive that air blowing across them could bring me to my knees. I started using Uncle Harry's toothpaste nearly a year ago, and the Miracle Mouthwash about a month ago. Just the other day, I realized that I was full-mouth swishing with cold mouthwash. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do anything like that again! I've tried so many suggestions from my dentist - most made matters worse. I am never going back to those useless products! I'm a customer of Uncle Harry's Natural Products for life!!
I love all of the mouth care products. Keep my teeth clean and my gums healthy. I would recommend these products to my friends (:
This is THE BEST mouthwash ever made! I have been using it for about two years now and my dentist has been impressed with my teeth and gums as well as a cavity that appears to be healing! I use it along with the toothpaste, which I also love.
This is THE BEST mouthwash ever made. I have been using it for about two years and my dentist has been impressed with my teeth and gums as well as a cavity that appears to be healing itself. I also use the toothpaste.
This stuff is a bit strong but I got used to it. I'm not sure why the other reviewer didn't dilute it as directed if they thought it was too powerful? I love the taste and list of natural ingredients. I've had a hard time finding a natural, decent tasting, alcohol-free mouthwash that focused on a clean and healthy oral environment rather than just fresh breath. I also like to gargle with this when I'm feeling a sore throat coming on. And it keeps tonsil stones at bay! I'm never going back to the brands I once used full of chemicals!
Burned my mouth so bad!! I cannot taste anything! My taste buds are gone. Its been almost 48 hrs and still not healed. STAY AWAY from this wash! There were no warnings or anything. Just because its natural does not mean its safe!
This is honestly the first natural mouthwash I've tried that I love and actually works. It's strong so I do mix it with water and it makes my mouth taste and feel so fresh and clean. I went for so long without a mouthwash because I couldn't find a good non-toxic one. I'm SO happy I have this one now! Also, I wear a retainer at night to prevent teeth grinding and I started soaking it in the mornings in this stuff. It gets it clean and makes it smell so fresh!
Strong and effective!
\"Soothes sore throat\" YES it does! What a nice surprise.
love this, love all your mouth care stuff. i do a whole ritual with it every now and then...
i love this
This stuff is amazing! I have an abscessed tooth and have to wait over the weekend to see the dentist. NOTHING was helping besides tylenol (yuck!) but then my local Co-op reccomended this and OH MY is it amazing. My mouth just feels healthy and clean. And this actually tastes rather good because of the clove oil. I HIGHLY reccomend this even if you're not having a tooth issue. I will be using this regularly forever now! Thank you!

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