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Staff Favorites: Cinnamon Toothpaste

This week for Staff Favorites, Jamie shares why she prefers Cinnamon Toothpaste over traditional toothpastes.
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Staff Favorites: Herbal Coconut for Skin

This week for Staff Favorites, Chris shares how Herbal Coconut for Skin has helped him grow his beard.
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Staff Favorites: Hair Conditioner Spray

This week for Staff Favorites, Chanel shares how the Aromatherapy Hair Conditioner Spray has done wonders for her hair.
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Staff Favorites: Hair & Scalp Elixir

Welcome to Uncle Harry's Staff Favorites! In our first edition, Allia talks about Hair & Scalp Elixir and the wonders it has done for her hair.
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Fan Feature: Lianna

Welcome to Uncle Harry's Fan Features! In our first edition, Lianna shares her detox journey with Bentonite Clay.
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Staff Favorites: Jojoba Cream

Welcome back to Staff Favorites! In our next installment, Samantha shares how Jojoba Cream soothes and moisturizes all of her tattoos.
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Staff Favorites: Face Wash

This week for Staff Favorites, Jordan shares how our Face Wash helped her and her boyfriend's skin.
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Staff Favorites: Quick Relief Cold Stopper

Welcome back to another installment of Staff Favorites! This week, Ambika shares how she wards off sicknesses with Quick Relief Cold Stopper.
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