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Jul 11

Uncle Harry

Rosehip Oil for Skin Rejuvenation

by Uncle Harry

Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa or commonly known in Chile as Rosa Mosqueta

What is Rosehip Seed Oil? Botanical Rosa Mosqueta is a truly remarkable oil with outstanding skin rejuvenating properties. Rosehip Seed Oil has been used by generations of the Andean Indians of Chile who recognize its healing and skincare benefits. Lightly massaged into the skin, this oil acts on the cell membranes, supports their immune reaction, and initiates their regeneration.

Rosehip Seed Oil as a Moisturizer

rosehips.jpg Rosehip seed oil penetrates the skins upper layers very quickly making it a superb moisturizer. It supports the keratin migration cycle that is responsible for the natural regeneration of skin cells. After using Rosehip oil there is an increase of renewed cells in the epidermis. The cells also produce more collagen & elastin, which make the skin look smoother, firmer and suppler. The natural process of removing old skin and cleaning hair follicles is enhanced giving a cleaner youthful appearance. Rosehip Seed oil is an excellent natural moisturizing oil for routine daily skin care. In addition to its healing of sensitive, allergic, sun damaged, hyper pigmented, dry, aging, or problem skin, it also provides immediate relief for dry skin and eczema.

Morning and evening gently massage with your fingers 3-4 drops of Rosehip Oil into your skin for about 30 seconds (this helps the oil to penetrate more deeply). Overnight, the light oil allows your skin to breathe, while it repairs itself and generates new cells (to get your “beauty sleep”). Rosehip oil can also be heated and massaged into dry or flaking areas of the hair and scalp as a moisturizer and hair repair oil. Dermatologist tested, its mild pH (around 5.1) makes it ideal for direct application to the hair, scalp and skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil Vs Scarring

Extensive studies have shown Rosehip seed oil to have a positive effect on scars and stretch marks. Scars caused by injury or surgery are effectively treated to reduce the red coloration and the appearance of lumps that often occur. Rosehip seed oil can be applied as soon as the initial healing has taken place. Excellent results have been obtained through its anti-inflammatory properties in improving burning skin and dermatitis caused by radiotherapy.

Rosehip seed oil has been known to aid in the regeneration of scar tissue. Stretch marks can be and existing ones can be effectively faded prevented with regular use due to the improved elasticity of the skin and the skin softening and moisturizing properties of Rosehip seed oil. It is also useful in reducing old acne scars & pigment spots although it is not recommended for very oily or acne skin types.

Rosehip Seed Oil Vs Aging or Damaged Skin

Rosehip seed oil has remarkable skin rejuvenating properties. It is extremely effective against irregular skin pigmentation, burns, and early aging wrinkles. In fact, Rosehip seed oil is recommended for people who spend much of their time in the sun as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging often associated with exposure to the sun. Scientific research has shown that the oil contains substances that retard the aging process of the skin. A five month study of women living in sunny climates who showed symptoms of photoaging, or surface wrinkles, brown spots, eyelids, etc, revealed that applying Rosehip seed oil everyday actually worked in causing surface wrinkles to disappear, spots to fade until, at the end of the fourth month, the disappearance became almost complete. Skin presented a smooth and fresh aspect and the spots had almost disappeared.

The positive action of Rosa Mosqueta - Rose Hip Oil in helping to regenerate damaged skin tissues was originally attributed to its high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids, namely oleic (15-20%), linoleic (44-50%) and linolenic (30-35%). They are called “essential ” because our body is not able to reproduce them.

Rosehip Seed oil & Trans-retinoic Acid (Vitamin A)

Rosehip seed oil is an excellent source of topical trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A) in a natural form. Retinoic acid, found in Tretinoin, also called Retinol (Vitamin A), is a topical application for treating a variety of skin disorders which has been well researched and recognized for almost 30 years. Synthetic Tretinoin is a very strong substance and must be applied under medical supervision with possible undesirable side effects. Rosehip Seed Oil, however, produces all the benefits of Tretinoin, but without the undesirable effects since it is in a natural state as part of a complex system of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, its action is controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating the rash of overdoses.

Uncle Harry's Rosehip Oil is 100% pure, distilled from rosehips taken from the wild rosebushes of Armenia. In addition to essential fatty acids, it contains vitamin A and retinoic acid and provides all of the healing benefits described.