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Jul 11

Uncle Harry

Miracle Mouthwash

by Uncle Harry

Save Your Teeth and Gums for Life

With Uncle Harry's proprietary Mouthwash Formula using nature's most potent natural waters and magnetic earth with active microorganisms.

Uncle Harry's Miracle Mouthwash is the little help that will add atomic power to your oral hygiene.

The most immediate cause of tooth decay is strong acids that linger in the mouth and attack the enamel and gradually waste it away. Further, when the blood has an acid-alkaline imbalance tipped to the acid side, then it too attacks the teeth from inside. This insidious two pronged attack on the teeth makes them waste away right in front of your eyes. It is horrifying and completely unnecessary.

Simply with Uncle Harry's Oral Hygiene System (Tooth Powder, Tooth & Gum Elixir, and Miracle Mouthwash) and a few dietary changes you can reverse this deplorable deterioration. The Miracle Mouthwash with Active Ionic Minerals is the most useful of all the exceptional products because it can be carried with you and used after every meal (especially if you are on the run) to guarantee that the pH of your saliva remains in the mode of re-mineralization continually. It contains a never seen before synergy between very special Ionic Mineral water and high potency essential oils. This proprietary mixture is a modern miracle of mother earth's healing powers channeled and powered with a special magnetic earth and enriched with effective microorganisms.

Such a formula is unique and it will create a sensational new era of dental health.

Join Uncle Harry's Family of “Happy Toothers” and smile the rest of your life with your original teeth in your mouth where they belong. Beware of those soothsayers who want to alter your mouth and replace your natural teeth with synthetic and often dangerous amalgams, and root canals that destroy the natural flow of blood to living roots causing them to atrophy. Other modern techniques of dentistry undermine your health. More information is coming out about the negative effects of modern dentistry's chemical treatments that may cause you unpleasant consequences.

To summarize Uncle Harry's Complete System for dental health, please read the following simple steps:

  1. Use Uncle Harry's Tooth Powder and Aromatherapy Tooth and Gum Elixir instead of normal toothpastes, which often contain many detrimental ingredients for dental health. (The ingredients that may cause the most harm are, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, preservatives, glycerine (that may leave a coating on the teeth that inhibits remineralization), dyes, stabilizers, etc.) The protocol to follow is: Place some tooth powder on the palm of your hand and scoop it up with a wet tooth brush. Brush your teeth and rinse. Then place one to three drops of the elixir directly on your toothbrush and brush again. Take some water in your mouth and swish for one minute or more. Rinse your mouth. 
  2. Use Uncle Harry's Mouthwash Miracle after every meal or snack to neutralize detrimental food acids and keep the teeth clean and bacteria free
  3. Include Uncle Harry's  Camu Camu Powder, which is a fruit powder and nature's best source of natural vitamin C and bioflavonoids and Uncle Harry's Goji Berries blended into your drinks.
  4. Follow Uncle Harry's dietary suggestions to alkalinize your system