Uncle Harry's new farm, Fall 2012

Uncle Harry's 'Urban Farmacy'

In February 2012, Uncle Harry and family bought a beautiful 9 acre farm in Redmond, Washington. In an effort to make our farm a thriving community space, we would like to share our mission statement and goals with you.

Mission Statement:

We want to create a farm, a beautiful place with a healthy environment, where herbs, nuts, seeds, flowers, vegetables and fruits, are grown using strictly organic practices. We want to go about our business using win-win practices, where it is a win for the environment and wildlife, and a win for us humans.

Long term goals

  • Achieve Organic Certification
  • Achieve Salmon Safe Certification
  • Grow herbs and flowers for drying and distilling into essential oils
  • Grow vegetables
  • Provide informational guided tours on all the varieties of plants we are growing
  • Host classes on a variety of subjects, ranging from growing nutritious organic food to using what nature readily offers for innovative and effective health and beauty care
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering and learning
  • Provide opportunities for the public to come experience Uncle Harry's body care products in a brand new way. Earth to skin, from your favorite next of kin, Uncle Harry that is.

Goals for this growing season

  • Complete stream restoration - working toward resolving the land violations with the county, and at the same time becoming eligible for a salmon safe‚Äč farm certification.
  • Fix up the existing greenhouse
  • Prepare earth for planting
  • Keep vegetation cut low
  • Install silt fences
  • Plow the earth
  • Spread organic fertilizers like cow and horse manure into the soil
  • Plant lavender and other medicinal herb starts

For weekly updates, pictures, and more, visit Uncle Harry's Farm Blog!




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